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Why Construction Firms Need PR

Why Construction Firms Need PR Even When Business is Booming

Lisa Porter - Leading One of the Top PR Firms in Las Vegas for 22 Years

By Lisa Porter

If you are a builder and around during the 2008 downturn, you may be one of the few that continued to prosper because you understood why construction firms need PR. After representing architects, general contractors, civil engineers and permit processing companies for more than 22 years, we know the business and how important it is to establish a strong brand when times are good. Unfortunately, too many in the A/E/C industry think that they are too busy and don’t need more work so PR gets put on the back burner. They think the upswing is going to last forever, or they figure after the building boom is over, they will just take the money and run.

Longterm Planning is Why Construction Firms Need PRImage of builder for blog on why construction firms need PR

Successful businessmen and businesswomen always plan three to five years ahead. They understand that what today brings is simply a window into the future; it does not dictate it. Taking the reins and making sure your brand is secure, your clients know the entirety of your scope of work and potential clients can easily find all the services you provide without having to search extensively is of the utmost importance when it comes to solidifying your brand. The time to do this is not when your business has slowed, but when you are completing building after building. Taking advantage of every opportunity to toot your own horn using public relations with every contract signed, each phase of large projects, completed projects and groundbreakings is crucial in staying ahead of your competitors. That’s why construction firms need PR.

What Press Coverage Have You Gotten Lately?

Have you been in ENR or other industry publications? Has your company made it into the Real Estate or Business sections of the major newspaper that covers your area? Are you submitting for awards so you can be recognized for your work? If your answer is no, you are missing out on opportunities that are crucial to the longevity of your success. You will definitely want to read this article on why PR is important to construction companies. If you want a free evaluation of the effectiveness of your public relations and marketing, contact us. At the very least, we will offer you free advice on how to get your company in the news. You can find more articles about why construction firms need PR in some of our other blogs, so make sure to read them. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to brand your company now, when business is booming.

If you have a PR team that just needs support, we also provide consultation services. The time to take action and make sure you are getting the media coverage you need and want, is now. Contact us. Let’s talk.



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Porter PR & Marketing

Porter PR & Marketing was founded in 1998 as Porter Public Relations. As its services expanded to include branding, integrated marketing, advertising and website design, the company rebranded to Porter PR & Marketing. Porter PR & Marketing specializes in working with companies in the A/E/C, technology, consumer, financial, healthcare and travel industries.

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