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What Makes Digital PR So Powerful And Why You Need It

What Makes Digital PR So Important?

Digital PR is a marketing strategy that increases your company’s online presence. As an agency, we work with news organizations to get press coverage. We also work with bloggers to get referenced in their blogs and influencers (websites that have large audiences) to get stories and mentions in their articles. The goal is to gain recognition by search engines of your brand name and obtain high quality links from their websites to yours. We also strive to get mentions in their social media networks. This is Digital PR marketing and in today’s world, it is the most influential marketing mix that is pertinent to all companies that want to remain competitive.

Media Coverage: The Most Beneficial Form of Digital PRPR Firm Article image of reporters intereviewing

Since the media has converted its print publications into online formats, publicity has taken on a new role and name: Digital PR. When your company gets published in any credible news publication three things happen: brand awareness, your story gets told and the company’s Google rankings go up. Getting news coverage in any publication  or TV station is extremely hard to get. It takes creating a story angle that is newsworthy and timely. This is our forte, so contact us and let’s work together to get your company the news it deserves.

Brand Recognition and Authoritative Links Makes Digital PR A Powerful Marketing Tool

When mention of your company’s name comes from a reliable news source, people tend to believe what they read. Most know that a good reporter will make sure his or her sources and stories are factually correct. If not, the newspaper, magazine or broadcast station is held liable. So, it’s not surprising that a news story is measured to be 20 times more powerful in gaining consumer trust than an advertisement. This stamp of approval creates consumer trust, the foundation of a strong brand. But, it does something else; it gives the search engines reason to recognize your brand and website as a valuable source for those searching for specific keywords or keyword phrases.

Getting Your Firm In The News Translates into Powerful Digital PR

Our agency holds steadfast to the concept that getting news coverage is the most powerful form of Digital PR available to marketers. We are not biased, just realists. While Porter PR & Marketing’s roots are in public relations, we also have an incredible advertising department. In fact, our senior pubic relations account executive taught advertising at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Even so, we believe in the power of PR to help a business grow so adamantly, our focus is first and foremost getting companies in the news. Here’s how it works. When your brand gets mentioned by a credible media outlet or if a link from that organization goes directly to your website, you just scored big time in getting what is known as an authoritative link. You may want to learn how we get companies in news.

What is an Authoritative Link?

EveImage of a man - public relations for brandingry website has its authoritative value. USA Today has 43.7 million visitors per day. Baltimore Sun has 2.7 million visitors per day. Los Angeles Times has 14.1 million visitors per day. Now do you see why search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing place more authoritative value on your brand getting mentioned or links from sites like this that are reliable and have sought-after information?  This is what our company focuses on: getting brand mentions and links to your website by obtaining news stories written in authoritative newspapers or magazines, or on broadcast news stations that also have an online presence, which all do. This is the ultimate way to ensure your company’s website moves up its rankings in the search engines.

Your Website’s Content and Blogs

If you are not writing optimized content pages and blogs on your website, you need to start. The keywords you use in your blogs or content pages should not be the most difficult ie competitive, but those that are mid-range. For example, if you want to rank for the keywords pet friendly hotel you are up against a lot of competitors striving to be at the top of Google for that same phase. Your chance of getting to the top would be much easier if you used what’s known as long tail keyword phrases such as pet friendly hotels in Austin. You will have less competition and it will be easier for you to rank high.

One more thing. Make sure when you write your content or blogs that they are interesting, have links to other pages on your website and include a strong call to action of what you want the reader to do.

Social Media: A Highly Effective Digital PR Tool

When an Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page has a large following and the owner of that page mentions your brand, posts a link to your site or even shares one of your posts, what do you think happens? Your online presence shoots up. This form of Digital PR is extremely powerful and is considered by our agency as taking the number three position in how to get your website ranking high with the search engines. Stay on top of your social. It is a lot of work, but worth it. Let us know if your company would like us to manage your social media. We have a dedicated team that will make sure your presence is known.

Porter PR & Marketing has the skill, experience and knowledge of how to make the most of Digital PR. Our goal is to ensure our clients gain brand awareness and increase their Google rankings to result in more sales. We specialize in Digital PR and have the track record to prove it. We also offer Digital PR consulting services. Whether you are interested in us managing your company’s Digital PR or working as a consultant to your marketing team, at the very least, contact us and we can find out what you need to leave your competitors behind as you rise to the top by using Digital PR as your primary marketing tool.

Porter PR & Marketing

Porter PR & Marketing

Porter PR & Marketing was founded in 1998 as Porter Public Relations. As its services expanded to include branding, integrated marketing, advertising and website design, the company rebranded to Porter PR & Marketing. Porter PR & Marketing specializes in working with companies in the A/E/C, technology, consumer, financial, healthcare and travel industries.

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