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What Makes Digital PR So Powerful And Why You Need It

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What Makes Digital PR So Important? Digital PR is a marketing strategy that increases your company's online presence. As an agency, we work with news organizations to get press coverage. We also work with bloggers to get referenced in their blogs and influencers (websites that have large audiences) to get stories and mentions in their articles. The goal is to gain recognition by search engines of your brand name and obtain high quality links from their websites to yours. We also strive to get mentions in their social media networks. This is Digital PR marketing and in today's world, it is the most influential marketing mix that is pertinent to all companies that want to remain
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PR Firms In Orange County

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Searching for PR Firms in Orange County? Let's Talk Shop. Analyzing and comparing the many PR firms in Orange County can be overwhelming. There are many things to consider during the selection process. It's just a matter of what your goal are and the fastest way to reach them. These days, integrated marketing is key. Yet, as one of the leading PR firms in Orange County with a full line of other services, we have seen what the power of the media can do for companies and believe it it something that needs to be the primary component of any marketing mix for several reasons. What Media Coverage Does for Your Firm Whether you are a product or services driven company, you will need to
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PR for Construction Companies

PR for Construction Company

Effective PR for Construction Companies PR for construction companies is different from that of other industries. Porter PR & Marketing has represented construction firms for nearly 22 years. People in the construction industry do not have the typical consumer mindset. When developing at a strong PR campaign for any type of construction company whether it specializes in building hotels, commercial office space or watersheds, it’s important to profile the way the client and their clients think and have an in-depth understanding of the industry. The publicity needs to help builders with their branding and ensure they are positioned for any changes in the economy, no matter
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Top 5 PR Tips On How To Get Media Coverage

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Want to Get Your Firm in the News? Follow Our Top 5 PR Tips on How to Get Media Coverage Our team of media relations experts understands more than any one group how hard it is to get news coverage, which is why we developed the Top 5 PR Tips to make life easier for those with the same goal. With the weather, car chases and, this year especially, politics, dominating the news, there is but a narrow window for PR experts to get coverage for clients. When there is limited space for stories other than what is on the journalist's daily story board for obvious reasons, it makes it especially hard to convince a reporter to write about your story idea. What that means to all PR
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