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PR Is The Most Effective SEO Tool And Least Used

PR is the Best SEO Tool

If Google Ranking is Important to You, Understand That PR Is The Best SEO Tool With all the talk amongst SEO experts and their clients of backlinks and brand mentions as a means of getting their websites to page one of Google, it's time to realize that PR is the best SEO tool. A link or brand mention from the Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun or Wall St. Journal carries the ultimate ranking power. Yes, writing blogs and power content pages that splash keyword phrases throughout is all important. So too is on-page meta tags, descriptions and SERPS. But, when all is said and done, there is nothing more powerful than getting your company mentioned in a major news outlet. Simply
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Why Construction Firms Need PR

Image of man at podium at groundbreaking of construction project

Why Construction Firms Need PR Even When Business is Booming If you are a builder and were around during the 2008 downturn, you may be one of the few that continued to prosper because you understood why construction firms need PR. After representing architects, general contractors, civil engineers and permit processing companies for more than 22 years, we know the business and how important it is to establish a strong brand when times are good. Unfortunately, too many in the A/E/C industry think that they are too busy and don't need more work so PR gets put on the back burner. They think the upswing is going to last forever, or they figure after the building boom is over, they will
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Construction PR

Why is Construction PR Different from Other Companies? Construction PR tells a story from beginning to end. Beginning from the time the contract is signed, which should make news in any industry publication, to the topping-off party to the ribbon cutting. Each stage of construction is an opportunity for a good public relations company to get media coverage. Most companies don't have services that unfold in stages like construction. This is what truly makes construction PR different. How Else Can Construction Companies Get PR? Construction companies often have management promotions and new hires. Each time either of these activities happens, it's time to find your local business journal,
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PR for Construction Companies

PR for Construction Company

Effective PR for Construction Companies PR for construction companies is different from that of other industries. Porter PR & Marketing has represented construction firms for nearly 22 years. People in the construction industry do not have the typical consumer mindset. When developing at a strong PR campaign for any type of construction company whether it specializes in building hotels, commercial office space or watersheds, it’s important to profile the way the client and their clients think and have an in-depth understanding of the industry. The publicity needs to help builders with their branding and ensure they are positioned for any changes in the economy, no matter
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PR For Construction Firms

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PR for Construction Firms: Why is it Important? Throughout the years, Porter PR & Marketing has represented many builders across the US and have a strong understanding of why PR for construction firms is so important. Those firms that have owners and managers who are PR savvy and understand the importance of PR for their construction company are among those we have seen experience tremendous growth, leaving their competitors behind. The reason is, it's the most reliable way to let existing and potential clients know about the company's scope of services. For example, R.D.Olson Construction was a client for 15 years. During this time, we obtained extensive news coverage on
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