Selecting An Orange County Public Relations Agency

Orange County Public Relations Agency–22 Years of Getting Clients Media Coverage

Orange County public relations agency services are not all alike. And, there are plenty to choose from. That’s why the goal of this article is to distinguish Porter PR & Marketing from the other Orange County public relations agencies and provide you with the information to help you with your selection process.Porter PR & Marketing - Los Angeles Times Article for Client

As an Orange County public relations agency that has been in business since 1997, we understand the OC mindset, how companies communicate with each other, what networking events to attend and where our clients should go for outside support. Since publicity is so much of what we do, we know what publications to target for local clients and their respective reporters, editors and producers. Even Associated Press has offices in Orange County, whose contacts are at our fingertips. That said, our media lists are updated constantly to ensure pitches go only to those interested in writing the story. We always go for the bigger story, so our database includes such publications as the Los Angeles Times, Wall St. Journal and New York Times. Often, what may seem like a story that only the local press would find interesting, may be perfect for that high-circulation newspaper instead.

There is an art to getting media attention that requires several things that you learn with experience:

Knowing what the media wants

How to develop a strong news angle

What determines if a story is good for any given particular publication

What images is that media outlet most likely to use

How to create a local aspect to the story

Not to cross the fine line between between persistence and bothersome

What followup is needed to make the story bigger and better


Delivering What Every Client DeservesPorter PR & Marketing media hit - abc-tv

There are many PR and marketing firms in Orange County. After more than 20 years in business, we have countless case studies, referrals and great success stories to tell. To make your selection easier, following are some things to think about during the selection process.

Accountability – As a Premiere Orange County Public Relations Agency, We Owe it to You

In catering to such a sophisticated group, it’s important that clients are kept abreast of our work, progress and successes. As it should be, our clients expect to know what they are getting for their marketing dollars. After so many years in business, one of the biggest blunders that Orange County public relations agencies make is not reporting their progress and successes back to their clients. We have discovered that in doing this, it not only helps our clients understand the powerful impact public relations has on their businesses, but it also let’s our team reflect on the behind-the-scenes activities that were involved, what worked and what didn’t and, most importantly, what we can do better the next month. It also keeps us accountable. In doing business development for Porter PR & Marketing, we have often heard CEOs and other management complain how their PR firms haven’t done anything notable for years. This is bad for the company and equally damaging for the reputation of public relations in general.

PR Support – We Provide ItPorter PR & Marketing gets client into OC Register

We have clients throughout the nation. However, we enjoy working with Orange County businesses because of our connection with the community. Just as you expect your real estate agent to know who to call to paint your house, fix your plumbing and the location of the best schools, we have developed strong connections throughout the years on finding such services companies often need including photographers, videographers, venue managers, printing services and more. Being and Orange County public relations agency continues to be an honor, and with much reward watching our clients ROI soar.

Highly-Skilled Team – We are Top Notch

Our team is comprised of exceedingly skilled professionals. Our writers are journalists and PR executives by trade with more than 20 year’s of experience each. We know the media because we have been the media. We also have a team of copywriters that get by-lined articles and opinion page articles placed in top-tier publications that clients dream about. Ask us for samples. We love sharing.

Understanding the Market – After 20 Years as a Leading Orange County Public Relations Agency, We are Rock Solid

We understand the Orange County market well. While many of our clients are in the A/E/C, consumer and technology industries, we keep current with building trends, what influencers are important to follow, municipal laws, what firms are growing and why, how to reach reporters of that given industry and how to reach members of our community. Most important, we know our clients’ audiences. Read up on how we the way we provide PR services in Orange County.

We Accomplish Things

We keep our eyes on the target and get things done. Just ask our references. We have many. Here are case studies from two construction industry clients:

Sukut Construction – We worked with Sukut’s marketing director to rebrand the company and transform it from a small local contractor to being recognized by ENR as one of the top 25 construction innovators in the world and California’s largest earthmover. Its heavy civil engineering construction revenues increased 800% to $260,000,000 in the 8 years we represented it. Our work included strategic marketing plan development, collateral production, website content writing, advertisement creation, media relations and new business identification. We positioned the firm to earn 40 awards including “Contractor of the Year” and “Fastest Growing Company.” News coverage: ENR cover story, Builder & Developer, Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register. Projects: highways & roads, dams, reservoirs

R.D. Olson Construction – We represented the company for 15 years. Our work included marketing collateral development and media relations. We obtained news coverage for the firm on the front page of the real estate sections of the Los Angeles Times, the Orange County Register and The Press Enterprise. Other news coverage included Globe St., HSyndicate, and prominent U.S. business journals and trade publications. The firm grew exponentially and expanded into development. We played a major role in branding and marketing R.D. Olson Development as well, which has since grown steadily. Projects: hotels, resorts

If you want to find out more about why Porter PR & Marketing is the  leading OC PR agency, please contact us. Or, you may simply want to find out how our Orange County public relations firm can get your company in the news. We offer free one-hour consultations and are a friendly bunch willing to help in any way we can.