PR For Architecture Firms

PR for Architecture Firms – Success by Design

PR for architecture firms is imperative for their growth and expansion into new structural types. After 20 years of representing clients in all areas of the building industry, from civil engineers to architecture to developers, we understand how powerful PR for architecture firms is and why. Architects become known in two ways: word of mouth and getting articles in pertinent publications. Word of mouth is great if the person talking about your firm knows all the types of projects your company designs. But in most cases, that isn’t the case. He or she has only worked with your architectural firm on specific projects and does not know your entire repertoire. Nor can that person describe in detail all the imaginative design elements and new technologies that go into each building. 

Why Does PR for Architecture Firms Equate to Growth?

First, most developers use an architect’s services for one structural type. Let’s say you are an architect that primarily designs hotels. But you also design restaurants, spas and luxury custom homes. How is a developer that hires you going to know you specialize in designing other building types outside of hotels if not through publications the developer reads? Let’s face it, your friend over at XYZ development that works on hotels, really isn’t going to stick his neck out to tell the boss that you also build spas when they’ve never worked with you on this type of project. This is where the influence of a news article validates your work and solidifies your credibility.

Why Publicizing Projects is ImportantImage of building and architecture client built

Every time you get a new contract or complete a project, you should be getting news coverage. If you’re not, you are missing out on the best opportunities at your disposal to let others know about your company, services, award-winning projects, and scope of projects your firm designs. Plus, your company undoubtedly incorporates new design elements that most likely could be attractive to a general contractor or developer. This is news that is best told through a verifiable news source.

Brand Your Architectural Team as Visionaries

PR for architecture firms gives visionaries a chance to showcase their accomplishments. When your team works hard to create designs that engage, exhilarate and inspire, a good news article will capture its essence. Of all the companies in the building industry, architects lead the way when it comes to imagination. A news article will portray the work you have done in full description and images. If your firm has ever been on the cover of Hotel Design, Architecture, Building Design & Construction or featured in the real estate section of the Los Angeles Times, News-Press Enterprise or Baltimore Sun, you understand just how powerful this exposure can be.

PR for Architecture Firms is All About Timing!

While public relations may not seem that important when the market is good, during downtimes developers and general contractors are going to work with architects they know are going to survive downturns. In 2008, those firms that understood the importance of media coverage stood the test of economic flux. Taking advantage of the power of PR is undoubtedly the most influential marketing tool an architecture firm can use to create a trusted, solid brand. Developers will know those firms will not only survive but thrive during unsteady times. Just think, if you had a public relations campaign in place when you started your company, your work would be known heavily throughout the industry. If you didn’t, now is a great time to move forward. Don’t let another completed masterpiece lose its edginess and get buried among the projects of those architecture firms that make sure their projects get published. 

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