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Looking For PR Agencies In Las Vegas
That Can Get Your Company in the News?

Summing up what marketing you need for your company to grow at a steady pace and then analyzing the many public relations firms in Las Vegas to help you can be daunting. There are many factors to consider during the selection process. The first step is to pin down your goals and then consult with PR agencies in Las Vegas to determine if their areas of expertise is what you need. If they make headlines in credible news sources for clients, then that’s a great start.

The Power of the Press 

Our expertise is in getting news coverage for clients. We live in a time when integrated marketing is key. Yet, as one of the leading PR agencies in Las Vegas with a full line of other services, we have seen what the power of the media can do for businesses and believe it it something that needs to be the prime component of any marketing mix for many reasons. Bloggers’ content is not held to the highest standards of investigative journalists that we have trusted throughout the decades. Blogs do not hold the same credibility as the media. The power of the press has not changed over the years and it never will.

 How PR Firms in Las Vegas Will Benefit Your Company?

Whether you are a service or product based firm, you will need to let people know you exist and what you offer. Brand awareness is everything. Every company has a primary service or product. Porter PR & Marketing’s forte is media relations. We’ve been getting clients in the news for more than 22 years and are still going strong. Throughout those years, our clients have found that getting in the news does more than bring awareness to their service or product. It earns trust and carves their brand. This is the reason so many of our clients not only survived the 2008 economic downturn, they grew. These companies’ management teams were savvy enough to know that solidifying a brand happens when times are good, not bad.Of all the PR Firms in Las Vegas, Porter PR & Marketing gets clients on the news, such as this ABC segment Having been in this business for so many years, good economic growth is great for making money, however, that is not what propels companies into the future, nor does it protect them from vulnerabilities in the economy. If you think PR is not important during good times, think again. This is the best, and actually may be the only time, to solidify your brand. Consider it a time to protect your company from any economic downturn.

How Do You Publicize Your Scope of Services?

If your company is like most, you have more that one service or product. How do potential clients, or even existing clients learn about these if not through media coverage? The fastest and most credible way to make people aware of this is through getting media coverage in newspapers, TV, radio, trade publications, business journals or in influential blogs. A progressive public relations firm will create news angles about your company that bring attention to your scope of services and product line, not just to one area of your company. We are that PR firm!

As an example, a civil engineering client known only for building watersheds, also built dams and highways. Yet, until we landed them media coverage, many in the industry had no idea of their scope of services. Another client, a New York City-based architect known for its work in designing office complexes and hotels, also designed entire labs in prestigious universities, theaters and revamped historic bank buildings. It was only through stories conveyed in the media that its work became known. Today, Stonehill & Taylor is one of the most prestigious design firms in the country.

Image of Baltimore Sun News Coverage obtained by Porter PR & Marketing, one of the leading PR firms in Las VegasDifferentiating Between Public Relations Firms in Las Vegas

We believe strongly that to effectively publicize a company and establish a strong brand takes a strategic mix of marketing tools. For instance, we just landed a large article in the Baltimore Sun for a dental client. Now that’s a great beginning for sure, but how do you capitalize on that media coverage? This is where digital marketing is pertinent.

Porter PR & Marketing was one of the first PR firms to enter into the digital world. We know that this particular client can surely benefit from a strong email marketing campaign that segregates audiences so we can market to each particular person’s interests. We also understand the importance of timing so each email is delivered into the inbox at a time when the interested party is actively searching for that product or service.

Get on television - Porter PR & MarketingWhere Do You Want Your Company to be Five Years From Now?

When it’s time for you to decide on which of the PR firms in Las Vegas can get you where you want to be in the years to come, you must first understand your goals and the hows and whys each segment of their suggested strategy will be effective and within budget. If you are looking at marketing and PR firms in Las Vegas, each should be capable of helping you decide by delving deep into where you want your company to be in five years. A long- and short-term assessment must be made before any proposal hits your inbox.

What PR Firms in Las Vegas Work For You?  Contact Us 

Contact us for a free consultation. At the very least, we will give you a solid review of the effectiveness of your current marketing and make suggestions to consider to help you decide which of the Las Vegas PR firms best suits your needs.  We will not hound you for your business. At least let’s talk and if we aren’t the team for you, we will give you some ideas of companies more suitable.

If you plan on doing your own media relations campaign, we can offer you consultation services as well. If this is the case, start by reading this article: 5 PR Tips on How to Get News Coverage. Then call us at 877-499-3777 and pick our brains. Together, we can determine the best route to reaching your company’s goals.