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Summing up what marketing you need for your company to grow at a steady pace and then analyzing the many PR firms in Las Vegas to help you can be daunting. There are many factors to consider during the selection process taking into consideration your type of business, who your target audience is and what geographic range of media you want to target–is media coverage in Las Vegas enough or are you needing to get into national publications and television shows?

We at Porter PR & Marketing understand how important these criteria are to choosing a public relations firm in Vegas or anywhere, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about us or PR in general by calling 877.499.3777. But to help you get started, let’s take a step by step approach to clarifying how to determine what your company needs in seeking qualifying PR agencies.

The first step is to pin down your goals and then consult with several PR firms in Las Vegas to determine if their areas of expertise is what you need.

Here are some questions you will want to ask:

How long have you been in business?

Keep in mind that the first two years in business is simply ramping up. You will want to work with a firm that has built an impressive media contact list and enough trust with reporters and editors that their story pitches about your company will be heard. Ask, what types of clients have you worked with in the past? Realize that with public relations, much of the process is the same.

However, in working with a variety of clients, the PR agencies in Las Vegas you are considering should be able to reach beyond local press and have a proven track record of getting clients in national media. Why? Because while as a business owner, you may know you need local press, but don’t realize you may have a story that could capture the interest of the national media. You may even prove to be an expert or thought leader in a specific field. Seasoned PR firms should be able to identify if these opportunities exist and build upon them.

Image of dentist giving injections to patient

Precision Dental featured in national news publication

In what industries does the Las Vegas PR firm specialize?

This is important because some types of businesses require a different public relations needs. For example, if the agency has ever worked with a dentist, doctor or any medical practice, they will understand that the similarities of these fields requires the same PR approach. Additionally, for these types of companies that rely on local foot traffic, the media targeted is important because they strive to be ranked on page one of Google, Bing and other search engines.

Keep in mind that PR is the most powerful SEO tool, as getting your company’s name and/or a link to your website in stories published in high-ranking media outlets is golden when it comes to improving your own website’s search engine ranking. So, consider this: the media the PR agency targets for foot-traffic businesses has two functions: first to bring awareness of the company’s products or services, and second to get a link or brand name mention in an article to boost the company’s search engine ranking.

However, if the PR firm in Las Vegas you are considering specializes in a field such as construction, architecture or engineering, ranking in Google doesn’t matter, as the website is used mostly as an online brochure to share the company’s history and project work to potential clients. Construction, architecture and engineering firm require a completely different kind of PR approach that is geared toward showcasing project completions, announcing joint ventures and new contracts, and larger stories based on news angles extending well beyond a specific activity or accomplishment and instead results in a full-length feature.

Porter PR & Marketing, one of the leading PR Firms in Las Vegas lands construction company cover story on ENR

PR construction company client featured on cover of ENR.

In what media did your prior PR firm in Las Vegas land you news coverage?

Were they in local monthly throwaways and blogs, or prestigious national newspapers like the Miami Herald or Los Angeles Times? Were the stories easy to obtain such as those covering special events or new hirings, or were they a result of the Las Vegas PR firm really digging in and developing an interesting, timely and news worthy pitch that captured the media’s attention?

Keep in mind that getting media to events typically is easy. Feature stories are not. They are earned through thinking outside of the box and developing story angles that have not been covered before, knowing what publications to pitch to, finding the reporter that covers the kind of story being pitched, and being persistent enough to make the reporter act upon your story idea. This requires competency.

How experienced is the PR team? 

Too many PR firms in Las Vegas and elsewhere land clients and have the work done by interns. Pitching to the media is a make or break deal. Once a story is pitched to the media, that’s it, the PR person does not get a second chance to capture the interest of that reporter. This is why it is pertinent that the PR expert have an excellent understanding of the how the media works. If not, your chance of getting in that media outlet with any story idea could be put at risk. So much of the success of a good PR person is intuitive. Our motto: Knowledge is one thing. Experience is everything!

Image of media cameraman filming

The Power of the Media

Now that you know what questions to ask your top picks of PR firms, we’ll take this opportunity to give you some background on Porter PR & Marketing. Our expertise is getting news coverage for clients. We live in a fast-paced time when integrated marketing is key. Yet, as the leading PR firm in Las Vegas with a full line of marketing services, we have seen what the power of the media can do for businesses. We strongly believe PR is something that needs to be the prime component of any marketing mix for many reasons. The power of the press has not changed over the years. What has changed is the number of newspaper reporters and editors, which makes it much more difficult to land a story. That’s another reason you need a PR company that is media savvy.

Image of Porter PR & Marketing client in the TV news

KABC-TV segment for Porter PR & Marketing client

How Does Press Coverage Benefit Your Company?

Whether you are a service- or product-based firm, you will need to let people know your company exists and what it offers. You need to brand your company as a trusted business. Obtaining media coverage is the most powerful way to give your company the credibility it needs to establish a strong brand. For example, Porter PR & Marketing’s forte is media relations. We’ve gotten clients in the news for more than 22 years. Throughout those years, our clients have found that getting in the news does more than bring awareness to their service or product. It earns trust and carves their brands. This is the reason so many of our clients not only survived the 2008 economic downturn, they grew.

These companies’ management teams were savvy enough to know that solidifying a brand happens when times are good, not bad. Having been in this business for so many years, good economic growth is great for making money, however, that is not what constitutes success in the future. Nor does today’s success protect companies from vulnerabilities in the economy. If you think PR is not important during good times, think again. This is the best, and actually may be the only time, to solidify your brand. Consider it a time to protect your company from future downturns in the market.

Porter PR & Marketing News Coverage in Los Angeles Times for Client

Los Angeles Times article for Porter PR & Marketing client No Burn of California

How Do You Publicize Your Scope of Services?

If your company is like most, you have more than one service or product. The fastest and most credible way to make people aware of what your company offers is through getting media coverage in newspapers, TV, radio, trade publications, business journals or in influential blogs. A progressive public relations firm will create news angles about your company that bring attention to your scope of services and product line, not just to one area of your company.

As an example, a civil engineering client known only for building watersheds, also built dams and highways. Yet, until we landed them media coverage, many in the industry had no idea of their scope of services. Another client, a New York City-based architect known for its work in designing office complexes and hotels, also designed entire labs in prestigious universities, theaters and preserved historic buildings. It was only through stories publicized in the media that its work became known. Today, Stonehill & Taylor is one of the most prestigious design firms in the country.

Differentiating Between PR Agencies

We believe strongly that to effectively publicize a company and establish a strong brand takes a strategic mix of marketing tools. For instance, we just landed a large article in the Baltimore Sun for a dental client. Now that’s a great beginning for sure, but how do you capitalize on that media coverage? This is where digital marketing is pertinent.

Our  agency was one of the first PR firms in Las Vegas to enter the digital arena. This is why we understand how this particular client can benefit from a strong email marketing campaign that segregates audiences so we can market to each particular person’s interests.

We also understand the importance of timing, so each email is delivered into the inbox at a time when the interested party is actively searching for that product or service. This is one way to build an entire campaign upon your PR.Porter PR & Marketing, one of the most prestigious PR firms in Las Vegas lands television news coverage - LA County Fair

Your PR Firm in Las Vegas Needs to Position You For the Future

When it’s time for you to decide on which PR firms in Las Vegas you can get you where you want to be in the years to come, you must first understand your goals and the hows and whys each segment of their suggested strategy will be effective and stay within your budget. If you are looking at PR firms in Las Vegas, each should be capable of partnering with you and delving deep into where you want your company to be in five years. A long- and short-term assessment must be made before any proposal hits your inbox.

Which PR Firms Are The Perfect Fit? 

Contact us for a free consultation. At the very least, we will give you a solid review of the effectiveness of your current marketing and make suggestions At least let’s talk and if we are your PR firm of choice, great! If not, we will give you some ideas of companies that could be a better fit.

If you plan on doing your own media relations campaign, we can offer you consultation services as well. If this is the case, start by reading this article: 5 PR Tips on How to Get News Coverage. Then call us at 877-499-3777 and pick our brains. Together, we can determine the best route to reaching your company’s goals.