Marketing For The Building Industry

Essential Tools In Marketing For The Building Industry

Marketing for the building industry is completely different from any other. The reason is, it’s primarily a business to business arena in which each project depends on the work of at least three, often independent companies with differing areas of expertise: the developer, architect, builder and sometimes a civil engineer. What this means in terms of marketing is each individual area of specialization has to prove its’ worth to the other to become part of the team.

So, what is the most effective means of marketing for companies in the building industry? Let’s break it down. There are five essential marketing tools firms in the construction industry can use to build their brand: public relations, website, networking, social media and advertising. These tools are most effective when integrated with each other, but there are levels of impact given to each.

Public Relations: Our #1 Choice in Marketing For The Building Industry

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With 20 years of specializing in marketing for the building industry to our credit, we have learned that public relations is the only marketing method that can be used on its own to establish and build a brand. Public relations does not need social media, networking,  advertising or even a website to catch the interest and gain the respect of potential clients. A feature in a credible publication about the latest project completed will quickly establish a company’s authority within industry circles. It lets clients and potential clients know of its achievements, capabilities and geographic areas in which it works. A feature story may even position the firm’s CEO as a thought leader. These recognitions are key in building a brand. Architects may want to read our article on PR for Architects. If you are a contractor, you will definitely want to read this article on PR for Contractors.
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How A Website Supports Public Relations

The construction industry’s use of a website is different from most other companies in that it is primarily a tool to showcase projects. It’s a place to send potential clients to view a company’s work. Traffic and organic search does not matter in the construction world. Decision makers typically won’t do a search for the “best builder to work with.” They select their team based on strong alliances and knowing which companies are capable of completing any job, regardless of its complexity, on time and within budget.

“Success is making those who believed in you look brilliant,”

Dharmesh Shaw, marketing guru

Remember, successful companies like to do business with other successful firms, which is why so often developers repeatedly invite the same architects, builders and civil engineers to work on their projects. The only way to break through this bond is to get featured in the news. This lends credibility. That’s when developers take notice, followed by a visit to the website. This is often the nudge developers need to take a chance and go with the firm that publicly has established a name for itself even if it means breaking free from business as usual.

Networking Is A “Must Do” Marketing Tool

Business development creates up close and personal relationships with key decision makers. It’s a company’s chance to shine, talk about their latest projects and discuss market trends. Here is where making a good personal impression counts. People  do business with those they like. Remember, when attending these events, it’s good marketing to bring something colleagues can take back with them; a company fact sheet of completed projects, slick copy of the firm’s most recent feature magazine article or even something simple like a flashlight pen. Becoming known as the handout person that gives fun and different things keeps colleagues will wondering what’s next. It’s part of creating a memorable persona.

Social Media – It Has Its Place

While social media is trending, most top level decision makers in the construction industry have little time to plug into Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Social media keeps connections open and communications flowing. However, unlike public relations it’s not a standalone marketing tool. While it’s effective in creating goodwill and providing daily updates, it is merely is a supporting tool in marketing for the construction industry. Being featured in a major news publication and posting it to Facebook takes social media marketing to new heights.

Advertising Works

Advertising is great if it stands out. If not, it’s a waste of money. Of course those in the building industry need to create small ads for inaugurations, award acceptances and celebrations, but advertising as a means of getting business really needs to pop out from the others. Porter PR & Marketing created these advertisements and placed them in various magazines where other ads were often images of earth moving equipment or construction teams standing in front of their projects. Of course they stood out and the company received much recognition. Companies that are going to advertise, need to make it a goal to get the placement read. It needs to be different.

Advertisement created by Porter PR & Marketing for a civil engineering company.

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It’s A Wrap!

So that wraps up what Porter PR & Marketing believes is most effective when marketing for building industry. After working with large and small developers, builders, architects and civil engineers since our inception and providing marketing services in all areas from website design to public relations, our conclusions that PR is most effective tool is based on many years of experience. Contact us for a FREE consult.