A-La-Carte Public Relations Services

Now Offering A-La-Carte Public Relations Services!

Porter PR & Marketing offers a-la-carte public relations services for a clients whose media goals have a deadline. These types of services are good for the following client needs:

  1. Conventions and expos
  2. Special events
  3. Product launches
  4. New hires
  5. Awards & recognitions submissions
  6. Mergers & acquisitions
  7. Budgetary concerns

We understand that not all companies need an ongoing public relations campaign. This is why we offer our a-la-carte public services to ensure you get exactly what you need and when you need it without signing long term contracts.

Please call 877.499.3777 Ext. 700, info@porterpr.com or via our contact us page if you would like to discuss our a-la-carte public relations services further.

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