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Public Relations
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Strategic public relations is the most powerful way to ensure your company’s stories are told. Don’t you think your company deserves to be featured in the news? We do! It just takes a public relations professional to find the right news angles to capture the media’s attention and the know-how to work with the press to ensure your story gets told, in print, broadcast and online.


Media relations is the most powerful communications tools available to forge ahead of your competition. News coverage allows for the “long version” of your message to be told. Besides creating powerful, credible publicity, PR forms the core of all your branding. Furthermore, no matter how much you optimize your website, getting your brand mentioned or a link from an article that references your company in a newspaper or an interview on national television is the most effective way to get your website on the first page of Google. Porter PR & Marketing is the leader when it comes to getting firms like yours in the news and we have the clips and links from the media to prove it. Our clients know first hand we are unstoppable when it comes to developing news angles that attract media attention. There is a finite process to strategic public relations. Whether you strive to get into national newspapers, magazines, business journals or on television, now is the time![activecampaign form=7]

Article Porter PR & Marketing obtained for Precision Dental


Getting your company featured in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Dallas Morning News and other top-tier newspapers is our forte.  Getting featured does two things. First, the exposure is unsurpassable, with the possibility of millions of people reading about your company and its products or services. Second, when Google finds your brand mentioned on high-ranking news sites, your website will gain the authority to propel your search rankings upward and open your website to reach potentially millions of unique visitors.


Television coverage typically follows print media. Getting on television requires you have a visual story to tell. There are many ways to get broadcast news coverage including organizing publicity events, working with another company to create what is known as a “tie-in” story in which the coverage is about several companies, or weaving your story into a current event or circumstance. Below is news coverage for the Los Angeles County Fair. We pitched the news on the many kinds of “fair food.”


Radio is a great way to get your story heard. It’s for the more in-depth kind of news that gives clients time to talk about their product or service without needing visual elements. Drive times are especially the opportune time to get an interview aired. Two ways to get on radio – as a single news event or tie-in into current events.

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Getting another to blog about your company is a great way to get links back to your site. As long as the blog is high ranking, it adds credibility to your company and a link back to your website tells Google you are an authoritative source. This improves traffic and ranking.


Often clients need coaching to get the most of a television interview. We work to make sure pertinent points become part of the conversation. While no one but the producer has the ultimate say in what gets aired, a good interview increases the odds of your message being told. Below is a story about the food at the Los Angeles County Fair. Coverage like this doesn’t “just happen,” you have to work with the producers and reporters to gain their interest, providing all the reasons why your story should be covered and not another. 

No matter what type of publication you want your story told, we can help you get in the news. Read about what to look for in a PR firm then give us a call. It’s important that strategic public relations is implemented so you get the most of your campaign. Contact us for a free consultation. 


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