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Strategic PR & Marketing Plans


Your strategic PR and/or marketing plan will affect the direction of your business. It’s the driving force that determines where you want to go and how you will get there. Planning is an intensive process. Once we get past the initial stages of analyzing your current situation, determining your target audience and laying out your marketing goals, then the real work begins. Every company, regardless of its size, has a marketing budget. This is why it is so important to understand all the marketing tools and methods available, and how to best integrate those that will most efficiently and cost effectively solidify your brand and propel your business forward.


If your company has a newsworthy and timely breaking story, that’s great; we can get you into publications quickly. However, if you are like most companies we work with, we will need to develop a strategy that includes crafting news angles that will capture the media’s attention. Unless you are a company like Amazon or Tesla, the media won’t come to you, as your agency representative, we would need to reach out and pitch your story to them, with the intent of getting media coverage. Often, we will pitch a story to an editor or reporter that says there is no interest, but as the news landscape changes and we have kept our story top-of-mind, he or she will circle back months later. We have obtained excellent media coverage in some of the most prestigious publications like this. This is why we work on retainer. Getting media coverage takes time, persistence and knowing how the media works.


Every so often, companies need only short-term public relations work, such as for a special event, new hiring or management change. Or, if you have breaking news and only want publicity for that particular story, you may only need a limited campaign. This is why we offer a-la-carte PR services. We have always worked with clients to meet their needs, not vice versa.


Whether you need an ongoing strategic public relations campaign or short-term services, make PR a pertinent part of your marketing mix. So many companies believe that when times are good, they don’t need marketing. But, those businesses that survived the last recession prove that marketing their companies during growth mode was the best and easiest time to brand their companies. Now is the time for you to build your brand so it will withstand all economies.


Porter PR & Marketing has developed strategic plans that have rebranded companies, increased revenues by up to 800% and positioned E-commerce sites on page one of Google. Pubic relations has always been at the heart of the marketing mix. By knowing what marketing tools work best given a specific industry and budget limitations, we have earned a reputation for taking companies in directions that have provided for exceptional growth in areas they never considered possible.



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