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Marketing Collateral

Every company needs marketing collateral whether it’s a handout, brochure, signage or direct mail postcard. It’s that one piece of information that extends beyond the business card that shows potential clients what you do and how your company may be beneficial to theirs. While brochures are a “must have” for nearly every type of business, your marketing collateral could also include a calendar, folder, annual report or all of the above. Making your company visible and personable through your promotional material is a huge step toward edging out your competitors and gaining new business.


Menu Porter PR & Marketing created for Great Organized Dinners

Brochure designed for Great Organized Dinners

Cover of a brochure for construction client of Porter PR & Marketing

Brochure designed for JL Hare Associates – a permit processing company

Brochures are a great way to capture a potential client’s interest in your company and inform them of your scope of services. If designed properly, brochures often get saved and used at a later time. Brochures should be part of your marketing collateral. Our brochures are shown regularly at trade shows, in promotional packages, at networking events, at vendor booths and more. They are an effective way to let potential clients know the breathe and scope of your work, services, products and company culture.


Signage often has a lo

nger shelf life than what most people realize. Signs are in photos, uploaded to websites and used in brochures. Make sure yours is professional and conveys the right message.


Flyer created for Main Street Fair - a Porter PR & Marketing Clinet

Flyer designed for Main Street Fair E-commerce store

Flyers that capture a potential client’s interest can have a long-lasting impact. They are an effective door-opener. Flyers are simple to distribute and easy for the recipient to keep. Hand them out all all  your networking events to keep clients and potential clients aware of your

latest work. M

any of our clients in the construction field used them as fact sheets to show what projects they were working on and what projects had recently been completed.


 E-book for Vacation Pet Friendly- a Porter PR client

E-Book for client Vacation Pet Friendly

Mailers may be postcards, brochures or reply cards. These types of marketing collateral typically are sent en mass. There are many types of designs, from self-mailing brochures to packaged announcements. Even in this digital age, printed direct mail is still in vogue. Think about how many Google ad mailers you’ve received? There’s a reason for that. They work!

We have many years of experience creating effective marketing collateral, with plenty of samples we would love to share with you. Please be sure to contact us if you are interested in viewing more. We offer a large array of marketing collateral for all your promotional needs.


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