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Integrated Marketing

Integrate your marketing communications to work together as a unified solid force. You will be amazed at the results. The first step is to develop a strategic plan that ensures all marketing efforts including advertising, sales promotions, website design, web content, public relations, direct mail, email and social media support and promote each other. This is pertinent to solidify your brand and reinforce the messages you want to convey at a pace that ensures success. Porter PR & Marketing has the knowledge and experience to create a strategic integrated marketing plan that works.


Your website is the hub of all your marketing. It’s the place people first visit to find out what your company does, its scope of work, your degree of professionalism, culture and how to contact you. Today, it is imperative your website is designed for functionality, good user experience and easy viewing on all digital devices. Remember, 2014 was the year when the number of mobile devices surpassed the number of humans.


Online marketing begins with creating a great website and following Steve Wiideman’s SEO Roadmap to increase traffic. Then, integrate your content marketing, blogs, public relations, PPC advertising and social media to support each other and you will enjoy a strong online presence. Making all your marketing efforts work together is key to getting results that will extend beyond your expectation.


The power of the press has never been more apparent than it is today. It exposes your company to potentially millions of new customers. If your business is web based, it is particularly important because Google gives authority to links from high ranking websites. Major metropolitan newspapers, magazines, broadcast stations, and blogs are at the top of the list. Make public relations a high priority in your marketing mix.


When you aren’t there to explain your company, your marketing collateral will be. The key to any brochure, handout, flyer or signage is that it be professional, contemporary, memorable and speak to your targeted audience.


There are many social media options. This is why the adage “you buy from those you like” applies. Social media is so powerful it allows you to connect and engage with people you never would reach otherwise. Target only those social media outlets where your potential clients live. Be selective, but make social media part of your marketing plan.


Promote your company with the goal of having your customers come to you as opposed to outbound marketing where you reach out to them. Our team uses a combination of landing pages to gather emails, software programs that track visitors wants and needs, download giveaways such as eBooks and podcasts are examples of inbound marketing methods we use to attract customers and navigate them through the various stages of the purchase funnel.


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