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Your brand is what people say about you when you aren’t there. Its power relies on the trust you have earned by treating customers and clients with honesty, respect and integrity. Remember where you started and where you are today. Take pride in the company you’ve become. Then let Porter PR & Marketing establish your brand and build upon it to gain trust and loyalty. We’ll develop powerful creative that will market your company to win. All the while, we will keep your messages and visuals consistent with who you are and want to be.

  • Logo design
  • Brochures
  • Stationary
  • Signage
  • Flyers
  • Website design
  • Banners
  • Branded content
  • Printed advertisements
  • Online advertisements
  • Media coverage


In most instances, your logo is the first impression a potential client will have about you. Your branding hangs upon your logo, which serves as a split-second reminder of who your company is. A good logo will emulate your company’s ideology, personality and culture into a single graphic.

So what basic elements make for a good logo? It must be adaptable to all platforms from business cards to billboards. Two colors, easy to read fonts, distinctive in black and white or color are best. Most important, your logo must convey what your business is about in a clean, modern design.

Don’t be afraid to change your logo into something more up to date. Many companies do this: Pepsi, Amazon, Nivea, Miami Dolphins, Motorola, Facebook and Instagram are among them. A new logo can add new pep into your branding and immediately lets your audience know you are ahead of the times.


Our award-winning graphic designers are stellar! Keep up with trends; it shows you care about your appearance.

Your business card is often a potential customer’s first encounter with your company. We design business cards to reflect what you do and how people may connect with you in simple yet forward-thinking design. Basic elements of a good business card should include your logo, physical address, website address (URL) and contact information. Remember to include your SKYPE ID if you have one. Placing your photo on the front or back of the card helps people remember who you are. This is especially important if you attend or participate in trade shows or other networking events.

Often, we use the back of your card to further promote your company, product or services. If you are located in a hard-to-find place or if you are a retail store, a map on the back may be extremely effective.


A brochure is the second most effective form of advertising outside of your website. A good brochure speaks volumes about your company. Make sure your’s has a clean and catchy design with current information. Don’t underestimate its importance. People do like to have a hard copy of your information, particularly if they plan to share it with others.


It’s becoming increasingly common to see signage on cars. Why? Because for local and online businesses, it works. The key is to make sure your website address stands out. One way we do this is by making multi-word website addresses so each of the words are a different color.

There are many other ways signage is necessary. Special events and lectures are the most common. This is the first thing people see before entering the room where the event is being held. Often, companies take photos of key people in their organization next to the signage, advertising your event long after the applause subsides. We make sure your signage is something you are proud of.


Our flyers have been used by such prominent companies as Boeing, Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, Financial Partners Credit Union and St. Joseph Hospital System. The key to an effective flyer is to convey the information you want in a clean, tempting and eye-catching design.


We make banners that attract customers from far and near. Our banners have been used extensively at trade shows and special events.


Making your advertisement stand out against your competitors is what we are known for. Whether used as direct mail, in a magazine or as a handout, your advertisement has to make a statement. Unlike other marketing, advertisements are a call to action. Make your’s be the marketing tool that gets people to do what you are asking.


With all the clutter of the Internet, your online advertisement needs to shine through and entice people to click. Three things that make an online advertisement effective: a design that is aimed at your target audience, messaging that only qualified potential customers would be interested in and placement on pages that are relevant. Done right, a new client is only a click away!


If you like our website and its many forward-thinking capabilities that make navigation easy and interesting, we’re the team for you! Our lead website designer/developer is one of the world’s best coders, so nothing is impossible. A website is the hub for all your marketing. Making a stellar website that is the envy of your competitors is our job!


Everything that is online about your company is helping form a perception of who your company is. It is branded content that needs to be carefully crafted and managed. Its power goes beyond a blog or banner ad and all of it can be intertwined to work with each other. A newsletter may be rewritten for a blog, which you may tweet about and post on Facebook. It can later be used in your digital newsletter and then shared. Branded content is full of life. We can create it, cross-link it, and make it live on.


Media coverage is one of the most powerful branding tools available to any business, but it also is the hardest to obtain. Getting the media interested in writing about your company, its services or products requires a strong news angle that is timely and relevant; knowing which publications are likely to pick it up; contacting the right person at that particular media outlet; paying attention to outside events that could impact the odds of your story being told; and knowing how to capture the reporter’s or producer’s attention. You only have one shot at pitching your story. Producers and reporters are busy. They don’t allow you to go back and try again. That’s where our expertise comes in. We’re pros at it and almost always get our clients’ stories told.

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