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PR Is The Most Effective SEO Tool And Least Used

If Google Ranking is Important to You, Understand That PR Is The Best SEO Tool

With all the talk amongst SEO experts and their clients of backlinks and brand mentions as a means of getting their websites to page one of Google, it’s time to realize that PR is the best SEO tool.

A link or brand mention from the Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun or Wall St. Journal carries the ultimate ranking power. Yes, writing blogs and power content pages that splash keyword phrases throughout is all important. So too is on-page meta tags, descriptions and SERPS. But, when all is said and done, there is nothing more powerful than getting your company mentioned in a major news outlet. Simply put; you can only go so far with our SEO without needing links and/or brand mentions in major news outlets or television stations.

Image of dentist giving injections to patient

Precision Dental featured in Baltimore Sun

Why PR is The Best SEO Tool

Think about the definition of SEO. SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. This is a process of optimizing your website so people visit it organically through a search. It is called organic search, which is opposite of paid traffic. Search engines like Google and Bing will scan or crawl websites to better understand what each site is about. The more positive talk about you and your company throughout the online world, the better.

Now, you may not realize this, but each site has a specified value to google. That’s why links and brand mentions are so important. For example, if you get a link to your website from a low ranking website, google doesn’t place much value on that link because its point of origin is not a valued site. But let’s say you get a link from or your company’s name mentioned in USA Today, now Google sees that USA Today is seeing your site as a valued site. How powerful do you think that link would be?

So here’s the kicker. Backlinks are a verification you are what you say you are. If you are a travel website for pet friendly hotels, such as Vacation Pet Friendly, then you would want to rank for the term “pet friendly hotels” in Google and Bing search. So, when these search engines see an article about pet friendly hotels with the name Vacation Pet Friendly mentioned on such high traffic news sites as Los Angeles Times or Wall St. Journal (known in the SEO world as an authoritative websites), Google and Bing see this as confirmation that Vacation Pet Friendly is important for the search term pet friendly hotels.

Dental client in newscast

Dental client featured on TV show

What’s Trending in the PR and SEO Relationship

PR can stand alone. Getting news coverage is all powerful. News coverage can create brands. It can bring new customers. It can publicize your company’s services, projects and products. But, on the flip side, SEO can only go so far on its own. Eventually, every company wanting to rank high on the search engines will need to get links or name brand mentions on authoritative news websites. With the competition being so fierce to make it to page one of Google or Bing, we recommend making PR a larger part of your marketing mix. You will need professionals to help you with this, whether it means hiring a PR agency or getting an in-house specialist. Here’s how we get companies in the news. We do offer PR consulting services if you feel this is the way to go.

Whether you are a dentist, medical provider, e-commerce site or retailer, make sure you contact us to discuss your marketing options. Marketing should be strategic and well thought out so you don’t waste time or money. There are many ways to maximize your marketing dollars, but before you move forward, have a plan in place. And if getting to page one of Google is your ultimate goal, remember, PR is the best SEO tool. Contact us and let us prove it.


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