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PR Consulting – Making Your Marketing Stronger

In today’s ever-changing world, marketing professionals are focusing on digital PR, which is why traditional PR consulting has become so popular at our agency. The art of getting press coverage is slowly diminishing and it’s necessary for many reasons: brand awareness, gaining consumer trust and raising Google ranking. But knowing how to get your company in the news is not something you can learn by watching a youtube video, participating in a webinar or reading the latest edition of PR for Dummies. Getting companies in the news is something you learn from years of experience.

Changes in Public Relations

Let’s face it, marketing is getting more complex as new technologies and delivery systems make their debut. But the world of PR has done a complete 360. Newspapers, trade magazines, business journals and television stations typically run their stories online, followed by print. Reporters and editors are getting wise to the power of the link, and often don’t want to include it in their story. This is fine, considering Google is making brand name recognitions on scale with links.

What marketers still need to understand is, with all this change, the one thing that hasn’t fallen off course but is most ignored, is how to get media coverage in the world’s most prestigious publications. The process hasn’t changed, but few are willing to learn how to make it happen. With the advent of digital PR, marketing teams too often think that getting into a blog is bliss. Well it’s not. But, getting into the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Wall St. Journal and Baltimore Sun are, link or no link. What we’ve discovered are today’s marketing teams often are overwhelmed with keeping up with digital PR, making traditional media relations a much lesser priority. That could be a costly mistake.

Your Three Options: In House PR, PR Agency or PR Consulting

Photo of PR coverage in New York Times

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If your press releases are not resulting in news coverage, but instead end up on your website as a blog, you need to address this issue head on. So, what are your options? You can hire someone, but remember, this won’t be cheap. This is where we, as seasoned public relations pros, see companies make their biggest mistake. Many try to skimp on hiring an experienced public relations specialist and instead hire entry-level PR people that will learn at the company’s expense. Think about this. Let’s say you have a truly valuable story idea and your company could and should get news coverage using this angle. So what is the strategy in targeting the publications you want? Do you go for the less prestigious publications first and work your way up, or do you go for the top-tier news outlets? Who is the primary contact at that publication? And what about television news….at what point do you reach out to them to cover the story? As a seasoned pro, strategy is of the utmost of importance, as it determines if your company lands coverage in none or all of your target media outlets. Understanding how the media works is crucial in ensuring if you get coverage at all and  your in house PR person has only one shot at it with each publication. He or she needs to have experience, patience and a strong understanding of how the media works, which comes only with experience. Our PR consultants understand that most companies are focused on what their websites look like, brochures, SEO and event promotions. If you feel your company could use our PR consulting services, check out our Portfolio and then contact us. Let’s chat.

Now you could also hire a PR agency, and being one, we think this is a smart route. But, if you have a strong marketing team and they simply need PR consulting, we will work with them every step of the way to make sure you stand the best chance of getting the media coverage you want.

Why Porter PR & Marketing?

Porter PR & Marketing began working with the media 22 years ago. It’s our forte. Our team has worked as journalists, high-level public relations strategists and SEO professionals. We understand the media and can help your team develop a concrete media strategy. Our team has obtained media coverage for companies of all sizes  from Fortune 500 firms to startups. Plus, we have worked with nearly all types of industries including technology, construction, architecture, medical, dental, aerospace and consumer so we understand it’s all about the process and not the type of company.

Increase Your Odds of Getting News Coverage

While there are never any guarantees of getting news coverage, at least increase your odds by letting us share our strategies, knowledge and tactics with your marketing team to give them the best shot there is at getting the job done. Contact us today and let’s talk PR!


Porter PR & Marketing

Porter PR & Marketing

Porter PR & Marketing was founded in 1998 as Porter Public Relations. As its services expanded to include branding, integrated marketing, advertising and website design, the company rebranded to Porter PR & Marketing. Porter PR & Marketing specializes in working with companies in the A/E/C, technology, consumer, financial, healthcare and travel industries.

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