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PR For Construction Firms

PR for Construction Firms: Why is it Important?Rendering of construction project Porter PR & Marketing promoted

Throughout the years, Porter PR & Marketing has represented many builders across the US and have a strong understanding of why PR for construction firms is so important. Those firms that have owners and managers who are PR savvy and understand the importance of PR for their construction company are among those we have seen experience tremendous growth, leaving their competitors behind. The reason is, it’s the most reliable way to let existing and potential clients know about the company’s scope of services.

Groundbreaking ceremony in Hawaii for the Courtyard Marriott MauiFor example, R.D.Olson Construction was a client for 15 years. During this time, we obtained extensive news coverage on the front page of the real estate sections of the Los Angeles Times, the Orange County Register and The Press Enterprise, Globe St., HSyndicate, prominent U.S. business journals and trade publications. The company started as a hotel builder. Its owner is exceptionally PR savvy. As it grew, and its building of other types of structures became known, the company gained contracts for retail, restaurants, offices, spas and more. The firm grew exponentially and expanded into development. Because its owner was media savvy and understood the importance of PR for its construction firm, the company gained a leading edge over its competitors.

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Two Reasons PR for Construction Firms is Crucial

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Reason #1: PR Lets Clients Know Your Scope of Work

Why PR matters for the construction industry is twofold. First, when a builder gets news coverage in any credible news publication, whether it’s an industry trade magazine or top-tier newspaper, it allows your construction company to publicize its scope of work. We can almost guarantee that your company’s range of services are not 100% known even to your most loyal clients that have been with you the longest. For example, you may be a commercial builder of hotels and restaurants, but when a potential client is in need for an office building, they may not know this is a service you offer. PR is a great way to let potential clients know the projects you are contracted to build, and once completed, to see your work.

Reason #2: PR Builds Brands

The second and most important reason PR for the building industry is to establish a strong brand that can withstand the test of time and economic downturns. Your clients should know everything about your company’s scope of services, projects you have competed, your management team, if your projects are completed on time, that your fast track projects were completed before schedule, and that you can save them money by doing it right the first time. Existing and potential clients must know they can depend on you. If not, what is going to happen to your company during a volatile economy? The best time to get news coverage for your company is now, as the economy is good and building is strong. Waiting should not be an option.

If you would like to find out more on how we can help you brand your construction firm through PR, contact us today so we can explain in detail how PR can help your company expand into new markets and grow.You may also want to read up on how we get companies in the news.

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