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Marketing Trends For 2017

Get a jump on your competition by paying close attention to marketing trends for 2017 that employ the four steps in marketing: identify, create, engage and activate. While much of what we discuss below has been around for a long time, this year brings new ways to approach applying these marketing tools.

Video Marketing

Video marketing has grown extensively over the past few years. In fact, nearly 73% of the marketing specialists said that their videos had a positive impact on their marketing. And, a prospective customer is nearly 70% of the way through the decision-making process before even connecting with a salesperson. These facts, released by Madison Logic, support the idea that your company needs to maintain a position at the forefront of its audience early in the sells process.

The video below is by SEO expert Steve Wiideman. His use of video has paid off tremendously, as many fortune 500 companies rely on his expertise.

One way to create an awesome video is through Facebook Live. It allows you to host real-time video broadcasts to your entire Facebook following. Its many benefits are perfect for branding. Here are some of its features:

Go live from your mobile device at any time or any place

Gives your brand great social media exposure

Generates video content that captures your audience’s attention

Allows for showcasing a large company even or a single message

Provides an opportunity for public posting so that you may reach those users beyond your followers

Other than Facebook Live, there are many ways to create a video. Here are a few tips on considerations when creating and distributing your video:

  1. Identify your audience
  2. Define your goal
  3. Repurpose popular existing content. Choose a topic that has been effective in a different content format and convert this to video
  4. Use an IPhone or webcam. Good content is more important than great video
  5. Embed your video on your blog, website or share a link on your social networks. You can follow the analytics and get feedback from your audience to reveal what people liked and didn’t like.

Here’s a new twist on the use of video offered by Content Marketing Institutes: post video recordings for their free webinars that are only available for a short time to create a sense of urgency. For example, “View now or lose the chance to see my great video. Available online for only 24 hours.”

Content Marketing & Repurposing For All Media Devices

Content marketing does three things: attract visitors to your website and landing pages; increase Google rankings, which takes time and a lot of content pages; and lastly, if done properly, engage audiences. Your articles need to be remarkable and by that I mean each must be so well written and engaging, that you can tailor it to other media platforms. Follow these steps:

Step 1 – Start with an interesting and engaging blog

Step 2 – Find the posts that are worthy of republishing. To do this, log into your Google analytics. Go to Behavior>Site Content>All pages. Sort by page views and get a list of the those that were visited the most. Find your most popular content articles from the previous month and change the time frame. You can do this from the top right corner. Make sure that wherever you post your content that you use the appropriate voice for that medium.

Our Top Pick of Marketing Trends for 2017 – Content Viewing Limits

Again, one of our most foreseeable marketing trends for 2017 is to offer time-limited access to various forms of content such as webinars. While most people tend to download webinars, or think they can go back to the site for viewing at any time, limiting your webinar’s accessibility will create a sense of urgency and be more influential in enticing people to view it right away.

 Website Functionalities & Features

For the past three years, company owners have been realizing the importance that their website is responsive for viewing on all digital devices. This year, we expect Chatbots to be the biggest addition to mobile engagement. Website owners never have to lose a potential customer. It’s a 24-hour assistant, forever ready to wake up and answer questions.

Calls to action and downloadable learning tools are great for service companies. Become the expert in your field and make it easy for people interested in your product or service to reach out to you.

Automated Marketing

Automated marketing is the use of technology to allow companies to streamline, automate and measure results so marketers may more efficiently promote their companies through a multitude of online channels. There are many apps and services available now to make marketing automated, particularly when it comes to inbound marketing. Automation may include automating email responses, managing email delivery management, building and personalizing emails, creating landing pages and forms, conducting search tracking and automation and much more. Please keep in mind, automated marketing companies are expensive and you need to be careful of how they work. Some companies require putting their scripts onto your site so when someone clicks on a call to action on your page, it goes to the 3rd party marketing company.

Public Relations

Newspaper clip - Marketing Trends for 2017

Our presidential election was a reminder of just how powerful public relations is. Our projected marketing trends for 2017 in public relations is twofold. First, we expect to see an expansion in the types companies vying for media space so for those companies that never considered PR, this may be the year you want to find out more about how to get your company in the news. Second, as an increasing number of companies are seeing press releases go out through known distribution companies with no results, they will realize the importance of using a PR firm that has nurtured its media connections for years and knows how to create news angles that capture the media’s attention. This projection is more of an analytical thought rather than a prediction of marketing trends for 2017, but it needs to be pointed out so companies spend their marketing dollars wisely.

There you have Porter PR & Marketing’s thoughts on marketing trends for 2017. We wish all of you a successful year in business and in your personal life. Please be sure to visit our Information Center for more information on public relations, integrated marketing and website design. Also, make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can stay current on public relations and marketing tips, trends and tools.

Porter PR & Marketing

Porter PR & Marketing

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