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Hyundai Heavy Industries Group’s Self-Driving Luxury Boat & Specialized Intelligent Robots To Be Unveiled at CES Las Vegas

Porter PR & Marketing is Excited to Manage the US Public Relations for Hyundai Heavy Industries Group’s Self-Driving Luxury Boat & Specialized Intelligent Robots

Image of AI unmanned boat

Check out what’s about to unfold at their CES booth #6605, West Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center Jan. 5-8.

CES 2022 in Las Vegas Jan. 5-8
“self-driving” leisure boat
daily life intelligent robots at the Robot Café
unmanned earthmovers and site development systems

HHI Group Booth Display

Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering (KSOE) and Avikus — specializing in maritime autonomous navigation technology.
Hyundai Robotics is a maker of Korea’s largest industrial robots
Hyundai Construction Equipment (HCE), founded in 1985, and Hyundai Doosan Infracore, acquired in 2021, are Korea’s top two construction machinery concerns.

About Hyundai Heavy Industries Group
The Hyundai Heavy Industries Group (HHI Group) is the world’s largest shipbuilding and heavy Industries conglomerate. The HHI Group was started as a shipbuilder in 1972 in a small fishing village in Ulsan, the southeast of South Korea. With acquisitions and expansions into related sectors, it completed its shift to a holding company structure by launching Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings in 2018. Backed by the solid leadership in the shipbuilding industry, it is now moving forward to be the most innovative solution provider in the heavy industry and energy sectors, ranging from shipbuilding and offshore engineering to refinery, petrochemical, and smart energy management businesses.

Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE – “Autonomous Cruising Boat” Coming to CES 2022

The first “self-driving” boat is coming to the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Jan. 5-8.

This leisure cruising boat recently completed a complex 10-kilometer demonstration with 12 passengers on board in Pohang City, South Korea.

The autonomous navigation technology was designed by Avikus, a subsidiary of South Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) Group. This unmanned navigation has been proven in tight quarters with crowded ports and is expected to help reduce risks of unexpected adverse weather conditions, strong currents and other leisure and fishing boat traffic.

Building on its success, the company is planning a transoceanic voyage of a large merchant ship relying on its autonomous navigation technologies by the first half of next year.

Do-hyeong Lim, CEO of Avikus, said, “By applying autonomous navigating technology to leisure boats, users can greatly reduce the time required for berthing and docking as well as the risk of accidents during operation. Especially given the fact that people usually sail a boat and anchor at a certain place for a certain time before returning, they will have a strong desire to return comfortably using the autonomous driving system.”

** CEO Do-hyeong Lim is available for face-to-face interviews with journalists between January 5 to 6 during the CES 2022. Those who want an interview with Mr. Lim may apply in advance by email at Any other media inquiries can also be made by email.


Robot Café Serving the Buzz Without the Baristas at CES 2022

They might not give off the warm fuzzies like the Jetson’s humanoid maid Rosey the Robot from the 1960s American TV futuristic sitcom.

But the inanimate daily life assistants at Robot Café can take drink orders, make a mean cup of java and disinfect to a higher level than your average neighborhood barista. The robots can accomplish their tasks within two minutes.

Robot Café is provided at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2022 by Hyundai Robotics, a South Korean concern spun off in 2020 from Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI).

The company developed the first welding robots in 1987 and its main business remains industrial robots and logistics automation.

The Robot Café introduces “robotized daily lives” with three fully unmanned service robots – the Food & Beverage Robot, the Hotel Robot and the Disinfection Robot.

The Disinfection Robot is expected to receive extra attention in the Covid era. The Disinfection Robot uses an air purification system instead of ultraviolet sterilization or a disinfectant spray. This new feature is more efficient and safer for the human body. The Disinfection Robot is scheduled to be commercialized next year.

Chul-ho Kang, CEO of Hyundai Robotics, said, “We will continue to present a vision for a safer and more valuable life for humans through continuous technological development.”

** Kyungshik Roh, Executive Vice President of Hyundai Robotics, is available for face-to-face interviews with journalists between January 5 to 6 during the CES 2022. Those who want an interview with Mr. Roh may apply in advance by email at Any other media inquiries can also be made by email.



Smart Construction Without the Hard Hats at CES 2022

Steel-toed work boots and hard hats not required. The construction worker of tomorrow is a desk jockey in a control booth managing reams of incoming data.

The robotization of the construction industry is presented by Hyundai Construction Equipment (HCE) and Hyundai Doosan Infracore – affiliates of South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) Group – at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2022 in Las Vegas on Jan. 5-8.

Their “Concept X” begins with drones that measure and analyze the topography of the construction site and create a 3D operation plan.

Unmanned heavy equipment – excavators, wheel loaders, dump trucks – converge in an integrated plan to carry out operations without risk to on-site human operators. The equipment can diagnose its own condition and alert management to possible problems so that work can be performed without costly operational delays.

The companies anticipate commercializing Concept X by 2025.

Hyundai Doosan Infracore CEO Young-cheul Cho said, “Automated and unmanned machinery using artificial intelligence, big data, cloud, and other advanced ICTs will dominate the market.”

About Hyundai Construction Equipment & Hyundai Doosan Infracore

HHI Group completed the acquisition of Doosan Infracore in August 2021 and finalized the construction equipment business reorganization: Hyundai Genuine as the Group’s intermediate holding company, and Hyundai Construction Equipment and Hyundai Doosan Infracore as its affiliates.

Hyundai Construction Equipment started its business as the construction equipment development R&D lab in Hyundai Heavy Industries in 1985 and spun off from Hyundai Heavy Industries in April 2017. Hyundai Doosan Infracore started its business in the name of the Chosun Machine Factory in 1937 and has grown now into a leader manufacturing diverse construction equipment and diesel and gas engines. The two companies are maximizing their business synergy in the fields of R&D, purchase, and sales. They plan to intensively invest in leading future technologies to become global “top-tier” companies.

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