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Why is Construction PR Different from Other Companies?

Construction PR tells a story from beginning to end, beginning from the time the contract is signed, which should make news in any industry publication, to the topping-off party to the ribbon cutting. Each stage of construction is an opportunity for a good public relations company to get media coverage. Most companies don’t have services that unfold in stages like construction. This is what truly makes construction PR different.

How Else Can Construction Companies Get PR?

Construction companies often have management promotions and new hires. Each time either of these activities happens, it’s time to find your local business journal, industry trade publication and sometimes even the top-tier newspapers that cover commercial or homebuilding construction to be pitched. But it doesn’t end there.

The Big Story

This is the story every developer, builder, civil engineer and architect wants. It’s the story that is on the front page of the Los Angeles Times Real Estate section. It’s the story that is front page of the New York Time Business Section. This is where understanding what the media wants and how to get them to cover your story.

Here’s How It Starts

Getting the “big story” in the media takes a lot of groundwork. The construction PR firm must know what is happening in the industry, develop a news angle that is timely and fits in with current news, and, most importantly, why anyone would care about this story. Once that is figured out and a press release is done, it needs to go to the right reporter. Have you ever seen how many real estate reporters there are at the Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register, Las Vegas Review, Baltimore Sun or any top-tier newspaper? There are plenty and each covers a different aspect of real estate from retail to new homes to hotels. Construction PR companies may waste a lot of time, which translates into client dollars, spent pitching to the wrong reporter.image of article resulting from construction PR

Are Your Press Releases Ending Up On Your Website Or As A News Story?

If you are finding your press releases are ending up on your website instead of resulting in a news story, we call that a blog. If this is happening, then you need to figure out why. Something is missing and the way the media works is not being recognized. It’s a waste of money. Case in point, do a Google search in the “News” section and see if your project is there. If not, check your website. You won’t be the first company to find that your public relations isn’t getting the results you want.

If you would like a free consultation, give us a call. A few minutes of talking to any of our team at Porter PR & Marketing will tell you if your construction PR is on the right track.


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