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Branding In 2017

Social media, easy commenting, Yelp ratings, inbound marketing and other instantaneous input have added to the marketing mix and what companies need to do for branding in 2017. Millennials have contributed their own ways of promoting a brand though FaceBook, Instagram, Snapchat, IM, packaging and customer-use promotions. This doesn’t necessarily mean that traditional branding such as logo design, marketing collateral and public relations are out the door; it just means there is more power to each marketing tool because everything can and should be integrated to work together.

Branding in 2017 Must Speak Your Language

So, let’s look at new concepts on branding in 2017. Just as Starbucks has its own language i.e. “I’ll have a double decaf cap no whip” so too must your brand. That language must be conveyed in the way you promote yourself on every social page, website design, website content, advertisement, brochure page, postcard and press release. It must speak to your company’s culture, how you do business and why people should trust you.

Such words as “branded content” and “branded storytelling” have entered the marketplace and are here to stay. So, what does this mean to most companies? First, every brand has a story behind it. The job of a marketer is to discover what is the one message that is based on the company’s unique selling proposition–a well-established marketing concept that was developed years ago. Whatever that message is, integrate it with new branding techniques such as social media, website content, landing pages etc. Never lose sight of it. Continually build it and keep it powerful.   

How to Get Where You Want To Be

What’s new in branding in 2017 isn’t about why a brand is important or what it means. Branding in 2017 is simply about new ways to promote your company while maintaining its look, feel and message, and how to make all this integrate with new and tried-and-true techniques so you can maximize your marketing effectiveness in a way that is within your company’s budget.

Keep in mind that the basics will always be in place. Effective branding must be consistent and have real meaning of what the company is about. It’s about being creative in the ways you spend your marketing dollars to present your company so what people say about you when you are not in the room is exactly what you want to be heard. Each brand needs to establish how it is different from its competitors, gain recognition about what it offers and make its brand relevant to potential customers. Unlike the days of old, don’t expect to get much mileage on just having your logo on everything. Those days are over. Branding in 2017 means the time has come to think outside of your typical marketing toolkit about what are the most effective platforms to promote your brand and how to integrate your messages in a way that bolsters the fastest and surest way to reach success and stay there.

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Porter PR & Marketing

Porter PR & Marketing

Porter PR & Marketing was founded in 1998 as Porter Public Relations. As its services expanded to include branding, integrated marketing, advertising and website design, the company rebranded to Porter PR & Marketing. Porter PR & Marketing specializes in working with companies in the A/E/C, technology, consumer, financial, healthcare and travel industries.

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