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Get Media Coverage This Summer

Business section of newspaper

Wanting to get media coverage this summer? It's going to require that PR firms think much more outside of the norm than usual. This is especially true for companies that want to make headlines in the political sections of top-tier newspapers or on credible broadcast stations that cover politically-charged organizations. PR professionals are vying for print and air space in this arena like never before. As long as the current president's administration keeps communications flying about in an uncontrollable spin, our job as a PR firm will be that much more challenging. So how does a PR firm that represents an organization doing great things the public should know about get media coverage this
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3 Reasons To Have A Chat Box On Your Website

Image of chat box for article on Porter PR & Marketing

Having a chat box on and website is something Porter PR & Marketing highly recommends. In this fast-paced world, there is nothing more important that responding to your website’s visitors than speed. People want answers and they want them immediately. If your company is like most, your staff is swamped doing everything it can to stay one step ahead of the day’s tasks. Yet, you want to make sure your brand is personable and caring. This is where the chat box comes in. Visitors love them. Here are the benefits: A Live Chat Box Fulfills a Customer’s Need for Answers You’ve done a good job getting the visitor to your site. Now it’s time to alleviate their frustration, find a
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Porter Public Relations Rebrands

Porter Public Relations rebrands to Porter PR & Marketing rebrands

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif., Feb. 9 – Lisa Porter, former CEO of Porter Public Relations, has rebranded the agency renaming it Porter PR & Marketing. Having been in business since 1998, Porter Public Relations is credited with playing a pivotal role in building Sukut Construction, R.D. Olson Construction, JL Hare Associates and many other companies into California’s largest firms. With a flair for building brands, we finally decided to rebuild our own because of the expansion of our services that go well beyond public relations to include integrated marketing, content management and website design. Porter PR & Marketing is committed to making the agency one of country’s
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Most Effective Commercials: Complex or Simple?

Effective commercials as written about on Porter PR

Last night, Channel 8 in Las Vegas had a Super Bowl challenge asking viewers to determine which were the most effective commercials from previous years: those that used special effects, were complex, and cost a plenty to create or, those that were simple, mainly cast people and animals, and had limited or no effects. The winner were the more simple commercials, in particularly the ad where a dog accidentally climbs onto a truck, which takes him from his home on the farm into the city. The dog gets loose and makes his way back. As he stands on top of the hill looking at his home, weary from his travels, a wolf threatens him. The dog's buddies, the Clydesdale horses, which he grew up
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Top 5 PR Tips On How To Get Media Coverage

Want to Get Your Firm in the News? Follow Our Top 5 PR Tips on How to Get Media Coverage Our team of media relations experts understands more than any one group how hard it is to get news coverage, which is why we developed the Top 5 PR Tips to make life easier for those with the same goal. With the weather, car chases and, this year especially, politics, dominating the news, there is but a narrow window for PR experts to get coverage for clients. When there is limited space for stories other than what is on the journalist's daily story board for obvious reasons, it makes it especially hard to convince a reporter to write about your story idea. What that means to all PR
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Marketing Trends For 2017

Marketing trends for 2017 - Porter PR & Marketing

Get a jump on your competition by paying close attention to marketing trends for 2017 that employ the four steps in marketing: identify, create, engage and activate. While much of what we discuss below has been around for a long time, this year brings new ways to approach applying these marketing tools. Video Marketing Video marketing has grown extensively over the past few years. In fact, nearly 73% of the marketing specialists said that their videos had a positive impact on their marketing. And, a prospective customer is nearly 70% of the way through the decision-making process before even connecting with a salesperson. These facts, released by Madison Logic, support the idea that
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