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3 Reasons To Have A Chat Box On Your Website

Having a chat box on and website is something Porter PR & Marketing highly recommends.

In this fast-paced world, there is nothing more important that responding to your website’s visitors than speed. People want answers and they want them immediately. If your company is like most, your staff is swamped doing everything it can to stay one step ahead of the day’s tasks. Yet, you want to make sure your brand is personable and caring. This is where the chat box comes in. Visitors love them. Here are the benefits:

A Live Chat Box Fulfills a Customer’s Need for Answers

You’ve done a good job getting the visitor to your site. Now it’s time to alleviate their frustration, find a solution to their problem or and inform them so they can make the next step. And while you are providing the ultimate experience for your website visitor, you are also able to gather information on ways to improve your company’s services and/or products.

To do this requires having a trained team. They must be knowledgeable about your inventory and how to navigate your website. You can provide them with scripts, Q&As, cheat sheets and even have training sessions so they are prepared for any questions that may arise. Make sure they are personable and representing your brand in fast and friendly manner. They are the face of your company at this point. This is also a good time to promote your social to get positive feedback from online visitors. Basically, the chat representative just needs to remind your visitors to leave a comment on your Facebook page.

Live Chat Box Will Help You Outshine Your Competition

If a customer is satisfied with your service, he is less likely to move on to your competition. Remember, your competitors are only a click away. This is your chance to show your visitor how your company provides excellent customer service and go the extra mile to help them find the answers they are looking for. But, if they do go to your competitor’s website, after chatting with you, if there is no chat box, that’s an instant ding.

Live Chats Decrease Company Expenses

Live chat software saves time and money. It lowers the average interaction time, which is especially important if your company has a call center. It increases efficiency by allowing chat reps to handle several chats simultaneously, which reduces the need for excessive people power. Plus, when employees are spending less time on the phone, they typically are spending more time completing daily tasks.

Chat boxes are a trend that is here to stay. Use it on your website to your advantage. With all work you have done to make a great looking and functional website, once you have your visitor on your site, use chat box to promote your brand, create a new customer, and gather information you could use for marketing at a later date. If you enjoyed this article, we invite you to find out more about our company


Porter PR & Marketing

Porter PR & Marketing

Porter PR & Marketing was founded in 1998 as Porter Public Relations. As its services expanded to include branding, integrated marketing, advertising and website design, the company rebranded to Porter PR & Marketing. Porter PR & Marketing specializes in working with companies in the A/E/C, technology, consumer, financial, healthcare and travel industries.

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