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Branding In 2017

Branding in 2017

Social media, easy commenting, Yelp ratings, inbound marketing and other instantaneous input have added to the marketing mix and what companies need to do for branding in 2017. Millennials have contributed their own ways of promoting a brand though FaceBook, Instagram, Snapchat, IM, packaging and customer-use promotions. This doesn’t necessarily mean that traditional branding such as logo design, marketing collateral and public relations are out the door; it just means there is more power to each marketing tool because everything can and should be integrated to work together.Branding in 2017 Must Speak Your LanguageSo, let’s look at new concepts on branding in 2017. Just as
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3 Reasons To Have A Chat Box On Your Website

Image of chat box for article on Porter PR & Marketing

Having a chat box on and website is something Porter PR & Marketing highly recommends.In this fast-paced world, there is nothing more important that responding to your website’s visitors than speed. People want answers and they want them immediately. If your company is like most, your staff is swamped doing everything it can to stay one step ahead of the day’s tasks. Yet, you want to make sure your brand is personable and caring. This is where the chat box comes in. Visitors love them. Here are the benefits:A Live Chat Box Fulfils a Customer’s Need for AnswersYou’ve done a good job getting the visitor to your site. Now it’s time to alleviate their frustration, find a
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Porter Public Relations Rebrands

Porter Public Relations rebrands to Porter PR & Marketing rebrands

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif., Feb. 9 – Lisa Porter, former CEO of Porter Public Relations, has rebranded the agency renaming it Porter PR & Marketing. Having been in business since 1998, Porter Public Relations is credited with playing a pivotal role in building Sukut Construction, R.D. Olson Construction, JL Hare Associates and many other companies into California’s largest firms. With a flair for building brands, we finally decided to rebuild our own because of the expansion of our services that go well beyond public relations to include integrated marketing, content management and website design. Porter PR & Marketing is committed to making the agency one of country’s
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